How to Win More When Playing Casino Games

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It’s not easy to win as a casino games player. The games are built to take your money, so there are few things that you can do to turn the tables in your favor. The good news is that there are a few things you can do. The bad news is that it’s going to be hard.


If you want to win more when you play casino games there are a few simple steps you need to take. You’re going to learn more about six ways you can play winning casino games in this article. It all starts with picking the right game to play for real money.


Only Play High Return Games

Every casino game has a unique range of return percentages. The range depends on how the game is designed, the rules, and what you do when you actually play the game.


You’re going to learn more about the importance of how you play each game in the next section. In this section you’re going to learn more about finding casino games that offer a high return.


It’s faster to give you a list of the casino games that offer the highest returns than to list all of the games that don’t have good returns. The list of games that offer high returns is much shorter than the other list.


Gold Coast Casino Floor


To earn a spot on this list a game has to offer a return of 98.5% or higher. And the best casino games offer a return of 99% and higher. Here’s the short list of casino games that have a high return.



Video poker



It’s also important to understand that not every game available and not every bet option on each game meets the criteria listed above. You not only need to focus on 1 or more of these games, but you also have to find the games with good rules, choose the right wagers, and play the games the best way.


Start by researching the best rules and wagers available for each of the games on this list. When you learn how to identify games with the best rules you’re ready to learn more about the best way to play.


Play Every Casino Game the Best 온라인카지노 Possible Way

Your job is only half way done when you find the right games that have the best casino house edge. The second half of the equation is to learn the right strategy to use when you play your chosen casino game or games.


The strategy for two games on the list, craps and baccarat, is easy. The strategy for video poker and blackjack is more complicated. But the correct strategies are readily available for all four games on the list from the last section so you can learn how to use them.


The reason why it’s so important to use the best strategy when you play casino games is because this is the only way to receive the highest return possible. If you play a good game with good rules but don’t use the right strategy you’re not going to get a good return.

When you play baccarat the best strategy is to make the banker bet. When you play craps the best strategy is to bet don’t pass and make an odds bet.


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The best strategy for blackjack and video poker games can be found on charts or cards so you don’t have to memorize the best strategy.


Create Your Own Gambling Opportunities

The majority of casino game players lose money, but a few have learned special strategies that give them a real chance to make money. These strategies are often called advantage techniques. Advantage technique is what I mean when I say create your own opportunities.


A common advantage technique winning casino game player use is card counting. It’s a special system you can use when you play blackjack. If you use it correctly you can play blackjack with a long term edge.


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Counting cards is just one advantage technique. But it’s the easiest one to start with. Advantage gamblers tend to look at games and opportunities in a different way than most gamblers. You need to keep your eyes open to new opportunities and train your mind to recognize possible advantages.


Start by learning more about blackjack counting. This is going to help you start training your mind to work like an advantage gambler.


Finding Profitable Bonus 카지노사이트 Opportunities

If you’ve ever looked at online or mobile casino games you know that you can get bonuses. Casino game bonuses are offered to encourage you to make a deposit. These bonuses aren’t usually designed in a way that helps you win.


But a few bonuses can help you win. The key is learning how to tell the difference between a good bonus and a poor bonus. Here’s some information to help you identify good casino game bonuses.


The first thing you need to do is learn what the rules are for a bonus. The rules include what games you can play and what you have to do to clear the bonus. Once you have this information you can run some numbers that tell you how good or bad the bonus is.

Determine the total amount you have to risk to clear the bonus. This is a multiple of your bonus amount or of your bonus amount plus your deposit amount.


Next, multiply the house edge for the game, rules, and strategy you’re using times this number. If you know the return percentage you can subtract it from 100% to get the house edge.


The result is how much you’re expected to lose clearing the bonus. This is almost always higher than the bonus amount. If it’s lower than the bonus amount it’s a good bonus offer.


Using Casino Comps for Higher Returns

Casinos use a wide range of tricks to get casino game players to play longer and come back more often. One of the main techniques they use is offering casino gambling comps through a rewards program of some sort.


Game players usually look at these programs as a way to get free things instead of considering if the program gets them to risk more money. This doesn’t mean that rewards programs are all bad. In fact, I suggest signing up for every reward program that you can get into.


You need to be aware of why the casino offers the program. As long as you don’t play casino games longer than normal or more often than normal any rewards you receive is a good way to improve your returns.

You’re probably not going to receive cash, so the rewards aren’t exactly the same as winning more. But the rewards do have some value, so getting them is always better than not getting them.


Online and mobile casinos don’t usually have the same type of rewards program as land based casinos, but they’re worth checking out if they’re available.


Look for What Others Can’t See

I mentioned in an earlier section that casino game players that learn to play with an edge tend to look at things and analyze things differently. This is what this section is about. You have to learn to see things that other casino game players miss.


These things can be just about anything, so it’s hard to give you specific things to look for. But there are a few examples that show what I’m talking about that I can share with you.


Online Casino Blackjack Game


The first example is when you play card based casino games that have a dealer. Some dealers don’t use good dealing techniques and if you pay attention these dealers let you see the value of cards that are dealt face down. This is a big advantage, even if you only see the value of a card from time to time.


Another example is when casinos offer promotions like an entry into a free drawing or tournament. Depending on what you have to do to earn the promotion and the value of the promotion this can be a positive expectation situation.